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“Working with Leslie Waltzer has been a pleasure, especially for a small
businessman who didn't know the first thing about logo design. She
explained the process we were about to start, listened closely to my ideas,
and made insightful suggestions”
– Howard Rontal, Myofascial Release Massage

The Garden Hotline

The Garden Hotline
Crowfoot Design won the contract for Seattle's “blind”
logo competition between five participating design
firms for the Garden Hotline, a free service provided
to Seattle Area residents that gives professional
gardening advice. Developing this logo was a
collaborative and enjoyable exploration. Recently
we applied the Garden Hotline logo to signage and
print materials.

Illuminata Lighting Design
“Crowfoot Design has done an outstanding job working
with us to design our logo. We wanted it to illicit a
“wow” response and we succeeded. We get
compliments all the time.”
– Patrick Killian, Illuminata Lighting Design

Dharma Café
“It took me nearly two years to get the logo I wanted for my
on-line magazine, DharmaCafé.com. I found Crowfoot Design
to be a healthy cut above other design firms I worked with.
Leslie always quickly grasped the concepts I had in mind,
realized them brilliantly in her art work, and then worked
creatively with me to modify them as needed. Many people
remark on the beauty of the DharmaCafé logo. It took
Crowfoot Design to get it right.”
– William Stranger, Editor-in-Chief, DharmaCafé.com

Dyslexia Solutions of Northern California
“Coming up with a logo that would portray 'success in
overcoming the debilitating effects of dyslexia'
appeared to be a daunting task! Leslie Waltzer of
Crowfoot Design took my ideas and suggestions,
then with great patience, skill, creativity and
marketing savvy, helped me to design and
execute a logo that represents my business.”
– David Rosen, Dyslexia Solutions of Northern California

SBDC of San Francisco
The Small Business Development Center of
San Francisco needed some fresh air breathed into the
presentation of their services. We designed a set of
bright icons to reflect the professionalism and energy
that SBDC-SF offers to developing entrepreneurs.
These icons have been in use since the year 2000.
Good design lasts.

Alliance for Community Development
The Alliance is a non-profit organization that works at
the intersection of business and community in the
Greater San Francisco Bay Area to create and
implement double bottom line investment strategies
to bring new jobs and economic opportunities to
low-income communities.

Myofascial Release Massage
“Working with Crowfoot Design has been a pleasure
....Leslie explained the process clearly, listened
closely to my ideas, and made insightful
suggestions. Then, iteration by iteration, we
arrived at a meaningful, distinctive, attractive,
and impactful logo.”
– Howard Rontal, Myofascial Release Massage

Feeding Your Kids
“I always turn first to Leslie when I have a creative graphics
challenge - I have found her to be especially good with
start-up packages, imaginative and very responsive to
new ideas and able to put them in a graphic context.”
– Eliot Hurwitz, Director
Calistoga Institute

World Institute for Human Development
WIDH was based on the concept that mentoring
a child is the single most important action a caring
adult can take to ameliorate America's social ills.
Working with Dr. Mark Schillinger and a core group
of volunteers, an effective logo was created.

Prior Unity Garden
Beautiful cards!! The business cards and postcard all
came out great. Everyone loves the business cards
and are amazed how much information is on the cards
to still be so beautiful.
– Debby Ward, owner, Prior Unity Garden

Piedmont Avenue Clinic
The Piedmont Avenue Clinic logo was a collaboration between
Crowfoot Design and Daniel Donner of Piedmont Avenue
Clinic. The logo is easily applied to print pieces and the web.

Kimbrell & Company
“Leslie created a great logo and look for our business
materials. She made a special trip to meet with us
so that she could clearly understand our vision and
expectations. She submitted several creative versions,
any of which would have worked. Once we chose the
direction we wanted, Leslie made small adjustments
to fit our desires perfectly. Now, when I pass out my
business card, I almost always receive a compliment.”
– Dianna Kimbrell, President, Kimbrell & Company

Insight Intuitive Consulting
“Leslie Waltzer is the woman I go to for my graphic
design. For all of you who love my business card or
brochure talk to Leslie.”
– M. Kay Robinson, Insight Intuitive Consulting

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